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Giving a Powerful Voice to Those Injured by the Wrongdoing of Others

Giving a Powerful Voice to Those Injured by the Wrongdoing of Others


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Nursing Home Abuse

Arizona's Adult Protective Services Act ("APSA") is designed to protect the state's vulnerable adult population from physical and emotional abuse and neglect as well as financial exploitation. Those who suffer injuries that are within the  scope of APSA are provided additional protections that are not available for those injured based on other circumstances. Though commonly equated with "nursing home" abuse, APSA protects all vulnerable adults, whether their injuries occurred in a skilled nursing facility, an assisted living facility, a group home, or because of home health providers at the vulnerable adult's residence.

Medical Malpractice

There are still more good doctors than bad ones out there, but pressure from insurance payment cuts, multiple physician specialties involved in a single patient's care, and an overloaded patient practice can lead almost any practitioner to commit medical malpractice if that doctor is not vigilant. When medical errors occur, litigating a case requires a complex understanding of the medical record and the procedure(s) involved. Such cases also require qualified experts that can clearly explain to the jury why the defendant failed to provide reasonable patient care. Having a background in a hard science, I have the technical skills required in addition to the legal ones to secure you the recovery you deserve.

Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death

Whether drawn out over a long period of time or in an instant, another's needless mistakes or intentional wrongdoings can change your life and your family's lives forever. When injuries are severe or if a person loses his or her life, defendants often will do whatever it takes to minimize their responsibility or your suffering. Catastrophic injuries and wrongful death cases, no matter the cause, require an experienced attorney that can navigate the terrain of the aftermath of these tragic events while pursuing the best resolution for the client.

Vehicular Accidents

A serious accident with any vehicle, whether the vehicles are cars, trucks or trailers, involves a tremendous amount of force that the human body absorbs. Such force often leads to devastating injuries. Every serious vehicular accident requires an in-depth investigation of the evidence of the scene and the comprehensive cataloging of documents, materials and witnesses. You need a good attorney, but also a good investigator.

Class Actions

Many times, somewhere in the corporate chain someone hatches an idea to generate "additional revenue" by charging the customer a "fee" to do something the company already did. Sometimes it is not clear at all what the company does to earn the fee. Often times the corporation misleads the customer into a situation where such fees are charged repeatedly. Although the dollar amounts may be small to each customer (at times they are not), collectively they can account for hundreds of millions of dollars of business. In these unfair situations, if you are willing to join a class, you can be a part of the effort to force companies to treat customers fairly and honestly.

Client Testimonials

Karen Timmons

In our case, the negligence was two-fold. The medication our Mother was prescribed after a successful stent placement was not prescribed and monitored per the manufacture’s guidelines. Our many calls to the doctor reporting her steady decline went mostly unanswered, when we did get through, we were told that rest and patience was what was needed. Shortly thereafter, toxicity to the medication stopped her heart. While resuscitation was successful, our Mother will never be the same. The damage to her body and mind is irreparable. 

My family reached out to many (many!) firms who advertised client advocacy and compassion only to be told “there’s no money in it” and “it’s not winnable”. Our primary motivation was to somehow try to force a change to the practice and communication breakdown and secondarily, to get the financial and medical help with the constant care required as a result. Enter Fred Rispoli. 

Fred Rispoli is a first-class professional who truly leads with compassion. After our relief of realizing we found the firm and support who was willing to listen, we immediately saw he meant business. He engaged immediately and we quickly saw that he was respected by the opposition and he was on a mission! We worked in tandem to keep our family’s primary goal in focus. Our voices were heard by the Medical Board and, coupled with Fred’s representation on the legal side, the outcome was a win-win. 

Thanks to Rispoli Law, our family survived a horrific ordeal and, our Mother’s payout was delayed by ten days because the bank (the bank!) didn’t carry the amount of money on hand that Mom put on the “Cash back” line of the deposit slip. That’s a fact.

Tina Callahan

Exceeded every expectation! 
I spoke with 4 other attorneys at length before hiring Fred. It was a sensitive case and discretion was extremely important to me, as well as finding someone who listened, respected my concerns and yet had the # of wins that I felt confident he would be able to handle it. From all the research I had done and talking at great length to so many others, when I spoke with Fred, he REALLY knew his stuff. He also took as much time as I needed whenever I called, and was able to approach the case with the discretion I needed to even pursue it, but also with the experience to know how to get it settled reasonably. 

His right hand support (paralegal) Susie worked by the same code of ethics and customer service. Prior to this, I had never pursued legal action and really thought long and hard about it--but it was so egregious I had to move forward IF I could find someone I could respect and trust. You hear so many awful stories. But I can honestly tell you, he truly cares and has the empathy to support you from beginning to end. I cannot give him a high enough rating. Every step along the way, he asked for my approval and changed things when I asked or explained why he wanted to approach it a certain way and then we went ahead. 

If you think you have a case that can be pursued, these are the people you want representing you. He really does care, and will make sure the right thing happens. His handling of the case made a bad experience so much easier to get through. Call him, you won't be disappointed, he's the real deal!...I am really grateful!.....I have to add that for him, this was a small case, yet he never made me feel that way--it was as important to him that no one is treated that way ever again.

Tanveer Shah

Attorney Rispoli and I have worked on legal cases together and I chose to work with him because of his vast experience and knowledge as a litigator, but also his rapport with my client. He truly stands out as a trial attorney and one who I would not hesitate for a moment to work with again to represent injured clients.

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You Don't Want a Handout, You Want Justice. We Know and We Will Help. Call us at (602) 412-5575.