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Giving a Powerful Voice to Those Injured by the Wrongdoing of Others

Giving a Powerful Voice to Those Injured by the Wrongdoing of Others


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Elder Care Abuse Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Why I do What I do

Why I do What I do I cannot heal physical injuries. I cannot bring a lost loved one back into this world… All I can do is make life a little better, a little easier, than it was before someone came out of nowhere and terribly changed someone else’s life forever. It is not enough,…

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Finding Answers To Wrongful Death Questions

Wrongful Death Lawyer When you need help with your wrongful death claim, you might not be sure how to even start filing your claim. How do you know it as a wrongful death? What if the death happened by accident? Whether the death of your loved one was intentional or accidental, if someone else’s negligence…

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Is an anesthesia mistake considered medical malpractice?

Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Phoenix, AZ When undergoing surgery, there are a lot of things you could stress over: will the procedure work right, how long will it take you to recover, etc. One thing you shouldn’t have to deal with is complications from anesthesia. Even though we live in the twenty-first century, there are still…

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Surgery Errors: Suing for Leaving Equipment Inside You

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Phoenix, AZ We’ve seen those medical drama shows when a surgeon gets distracted and accidentally leaves an item inside of a patient after they closed them up. And while this may sound like a Hollywood drama, leaving surgical instruments inside a patient can happen. While rare, if not treated they can have…

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What should I do to protect my legal rights after a commercial truck accident?

Malpractice Attorney To fully help protect your legal rights after a trucking accident, you should consider hiring a lawyer. One of the most important things you can do after an accident is hiring a lawyer and not speaking with the trucking companies insurance provider. The insurance company may try to contact you before you have…

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How can nursing home abuse be prevented?

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Phoenix, AZ Lawyers not only provide counsel to injured nursing home victims, but also provide legal advice, including tips that can help people to stay safe and prevent abuse from happening. This kind of advice can be invaluable for elders and family members. As much as we take pride in our…

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Can I Sue the Surgeon Who Caused Me Injury?

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Phoenix, AZ It can be difficult to know whether surgical complications or post-operative complications were caused by or exacerbated by medical error. After all, patients are almost always unconscious during surgical procedures, so they have little way of knowing if something was amiss in the operating room while they were being cared…

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